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Brad Wisler

Cofounder / Managing Member

Brad Wisler

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Technology Executive And Entrepreneur

Ideas stalk me. Relentlessly. Business Ideas, Artistic Ideas, Political Ideas, Scientific&Mechanical Ideas. They torture me until I turn them into reality, or until I prove them to be bad ideas.

A long time ago, I had the idea to run for the Bloomington City Council (a bad idea for a 19 year old college kid). I also had the idea to create a website for my campaign (a good idea for any candidate). Apparently, not many people (maybe not any) had done that before, so Mike Trotzke and I accidentally started the first political new media firm.

A few years later, I got the idea that an internet company should actually make money. That one stalked me for about 8 years. I failed at making this one reality on several occasions, but I couldn’t prove it wrong, so I kept at it until Resite Information Technology took off. We founded Resite to help connect property managers (an old school bunch) with their customers (a pretty savvy bunch). This turned out to be a good enough idea that somebody bought it from us.

The best idea I ever had was to chase a girl I met in DC across the country until she agreed to come to Indiana. Together, we got the idea to have a baby boy (brilliant). That worked out so well, we got the idea to have a baby girl (home run).

Right now, I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I’m pushing many of them through the Bloomington City Council (that idea got better the 2nd time I ran). I’m still searching for time to really test my art and music ideas. My latest business idea is to help other people turn their ideas into reality. I’m sure Sproutbox will generate enough good ones to save me from my bad ones.

SproutBox Stuff I Like
Stuff I Like

Chowders and Bisques
and other hot liquids eaten with a spoon.

Stuff I Like

Hip Hop
...and ya don't stop...and ya don't quit.

  • Liberty
  • Street Art
  • Hip Hop
  • New Urbanism
  • Chowders and Bisques
  • Transportation
  • Business Ideas (even bad ones)
  • Airplanes
  • Vintage Scooters
Professional Experience
  • Cofounder / Managing Member
  • Elected Representative
    Bloomington City Council
  • Cofounder / CEO
    Resite Information Technology
  • Cofounder / CEO
    WorldView Multimedia

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