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  •  400 W 7th Suite 105
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What We Do  >  The Box

The Box The Box

The Box is SproutBox's recently renovated 3500+ sqft collaborative workspace. Our open space allows our team to move configurable furniture around to meet the needs from day to day tasks. Our wall art and arcade games bring a sense of fun and excitement to our space allowing for the mental breaks when trying to solve the big problem. The Box serves as the platform for creativity and productivity for all of SproutBox's projects.

Located directly off the expansion of the B-Line trail just south of downtown Bloomington, The Box is in prime location that sets stage for a wave of redevelopment opportunities. We're part of one of the most prominent spots, with massive windows overlooking the trail and the switchyard, which will soon become Bloomington's Central Park. Very Sprouty!

Inside The Box Inside The Box

At the heart of the Box is the open collaboration area. Filled with rolling desks, bean bags, white boards and a wireless projection system, our main room is where most of the magic happens.

Inside The Box

Bring your bike or skateboard to The Box and jump on the B-Line trail located right outside the front door. Off to the side of our collaboration area is the Tap Wall, where 3 local beers from Upland brewing company are on tap at all times. There is also a full kitchen for late night snacks. The arcade games are perfect for blowing off some steam. At the end of the day, The Box is a place that makes you not want to go home.

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