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Bloomington, IN Bloomington, IN

Picture Courtesy of Indiana University

Bloomington is home to a startup culture like none other. Heavily influenced by the presence of Indiana University, Bloomington is a diverse city with a strong local economy and abundant cultural activities. The lively, walkable downtown possess a certain vibrant charm that's simply hard to find anywhere else. It's often described as having a college town atmosphere with unique attributes of a big city in a small Midwestern locale.

With a cost of living more than 6% below the national average, Bloomington is the perfect oasis to start a company. Bloomington is ranked first for high-tech employment among 124 U.S. small metro areas and is viewed as one of the top cities for doing business by both Forbes (#3) and Inc. (#19) magazines. Bloomington was also ranked in the top 50 "Hottest Small Cities for Entrepreneurs" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

The Culture The Culture

Pictures Courtesy of Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Bloomington represents a unique, cultural center in the middle of the Midwest. During the day the city is alive— with students hustling to class, professors pontificating with colleagues, and local professionals grabbing lunch on outdoor patios. At night the city is rich with music, theater, fantastic food and great local brews. It's the kind of place you love to visit and never want to leave.

The city boasts over 30 major festivals and events each year such as the Lotus World Music Festival and Little 500 Weekend. Being home to the country's top ranked music school means free world-class music (jazz, experimental or classical) nearly every night. Bloomington's energetic local music and bar scene consistently results in IU being listed as one of the nations top party schools. While there's a lot of fun to be had in Bloomington, there is also a strong Midwestern work ethic and a thriving tech scene. There are packed Geek Dinners, weekly organized TechLunches, and incredible turn out for events like Bloomington Startup Weekend, Ignite Bloomington and Verge Bloomington.

The City The City

Pictures Courtesy of Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Bloomington excels in technology due to the strong support it receives both from city government and Indiana University. The City of Bloomington has supported the establishment of the Bloomington Technology Partnership to foster the growth of the city’s high-tech economy. Indiana University’s establishment of the School of Informatics, the first school of its kind in the U.S., has also produced a steady flow of high quality tech professionals. IU also continually attracts some of the top business minds in the country through the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, the #1 ranked public entrepreneurship program in the United States.

The City and University are critical partners in SproutBox's success. Both the Dean of the School of Informatics and the President of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation serve on SproutBox's Selection and Advisory Committee. SproutBox founders have served on the Bloomington City Council and Bloomington Technology Partnership. SproutBox is also a corporate sponsor of the School of Informatics.

For more information on Bloomington’s business advantages, check out the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation website.

Recreation Recreation

Pictures Courtesy of Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau

National Geographic calls Bloomington one of America's top adventure towns. It's home to the state's largest inland lake and only national forest. Whether it's hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, boating, skiing, camping, hot air ballooning, or golfing— Bloomington is a great place for recreation.

It's also a great place for sports. National ranked basketball and soccer programs have helped IU athletics earn 24 NCAA titles to date. SproutBox entrepreneurs and employees can often be found tailgating in Hoosier Gold on IU football Saturdays or at Assembly Hall during basketball season to watch the 5-time national champion Hoosiers.

Being home to the Little 500 (the largest collegiate bike race in the U.S.) and the Hilly Hundred, Bloomington is also a great spot for cyclists. It's consistently ranked among the most bicycle and pedestrian friendly towns in the country. With downtown's B-Line trail this trend is expanding even further.

For more information about Bloomington recreation, be sure to check out the website for the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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