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  •  400 W 7th Suite 105
  •  Bloomington, IN 47404
  •  Google Map
  •  888.417.9341
  •  877.350.6175
What We Do

SproutBox invests in entrepreneurs. We represent a new approach to venture capital that is about more than just writing checks. We invest ourselves in a company’s success. We give selectively chosen startups the team, tools, and resources needed to turn their early stage ideas into a revenue-generating reality.

We're not about talk. We are a team of coders, marketers and business experts that work with entrepreneurs full-time in exchange for equity.

The Mission
The Place To Be... The Place To Be Graphic

Picture Courtesy of Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana.
We live and work in Bloomington, IN. It's an incredible place to be. It fosters a new startup culture that has the ingredients for success: a great university, a vibrant downtown, a beautiful landscape, fantastic food and arts, a low cost of living and a solid tech community.

The Box
The Box is SproutBox's 3,500+ sqft facility located on the B-line walking trail just south of downtown Bloomington. Don't worry we brought the same feel to our new space with high ceilings, wall art, and all of the arcade games. Our main area is set up in clusters of desks, allowing for group collaboration at anytime. If you need some quiet time, you can hop into one of our private offices, the conference room, our recliner filled screening area, or step out on our deck.

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