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Lead Software Engineer / Ruby on Rails

SproutBox is hiring a Lead Software Engineer with a strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Linux, Apache, MySQL, jQuery and other open source technologies. You’ll have the opportunity to be the key architect of multiple software products and the luxury of focusing on one at a time.

While it won’t be easy, it will be a blast. We have a flexible work environment focused on hitting milestones, not jumping through hoops. While the companies we create may grow in staff, we aspire to remain a small, focused team of the industry’s recognized best. We value our collaborative atmosphere—where your work will be noticed, and will be critical to our success. We offer a broad range of amenities and benefits centered around making work what it should be: someplace you want to be every day.

We live and work in Bloomington, IN. It’s an incredible place to be. It fosters a new startup culture that has the ingredients for success: a great university, vibrant downtown, beautiful landscape, fantastic food and arts, low cost of living and a solid tech community.


  • Strong experience with Ruby on Rails, Linux, Apache, MySQL, jQuery and other open source technologies
  • Strong software architecture and design sensibility
  • Self motivated with excellent communication skills

This is an on-site, full time position with benefits at our office in Bloomington, Indiana. To apply send your resume and cover letter to:

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